The Aqua Pro line of United States Coast Guard- approved personal floatation devices (PFDS) demonstrate the importance that we place on safety. We carry a line of PFDs for all ages, from baby to kid to adult, that meet the requirements of the U.S. Coast Guard standards for a variety of boating activities. These life vests create essential buoyancy, are easy to clean and dry, are easily adjustable for an always secure fit and can be used for water activities such as tubing, kayaking, waterskiing and more!

7 products found in USCG Vests

USCG Adult Vest - Type III
  • $68.99
USCG Youth Vest - Type III
  • $49.99
USCG Child Vest - Type III
  • $46.99
USCG Infant Vest - Type III
  • $49.99
USCG 3D Tot Swimmer™ - Type V - Froggie
  • $34.99
USCG 3D Tot Swimmer™ - Type V - Goldfish
  • $34.99
USCG Tot Swimmer™ - Type V - Blue Whale
  • $30.99